popular african music

after quite a pause in releasing cds, here another start with a new band coming out of africa for the first time this summer:


The Ghana Bigshots - "Tu Na Me Nsa"
The Ghana Bigshots are based in Accra/Ghana and led by the composer, arranger, vocalist, bassist, and balafonist Mark Millas. They are one of the most promising new live bands in West Africa. Their ambitious motto is ‘Redefining Our Music’. The band revives the Highlife- and Afro-Jazz feel in Ghana’s popular music by creatively drawing on an immense musical tradition of Highlife greats, Ghana’s and West Africa’s Highlife, Soul, Funk, Son, Reggae and Afrobeat music. Rebuilding this legacy into their own compositions and style means taking a new look at the musical finesse and intricacies of the traditional and popular sources. They do this with an elaborate approach to musical technique, playfulness, arrangement, sound, and performance. In more than three years live playing in Ghana, the Ghana Bigshots have started to contribute their own style to contemporary African popular music and ‘world music’.

Copam nma 804. A joint project of popular african music, Goethe-Institut Ghana and Dr. Markus Coester.