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Ghanaian singer and songwriter Fatau Keita (born 1987) presents his first CD album –

Fatau Keita originally hails from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. A native of the Dagbamba (also referred to as Dagomba), Fatau’s exciting musical mix blends traditional and modern Dagbamba music like Simpaa with Highlife and also takes inspiration from his African musical herosSalif Keita, YoussouN’Dour, AngéliqueKidjo and FelaKuti. He sings in Dagbani, Hausa, Twi and English.Check the booklet for detailed information on this promising artist and upcoming band from West Africa.

Being a vocalist with an amazing musical expression and intense stage performance, surrounded by some of Ghana’s outstanding young instrumentalists, the CD will make listeners want to see Fatau and the band’s vibrant live performances. A European tour of the group is expected for 2016.Fatau Keita’sdebut CD SELINA provides us with another superb example of “young pan-African pop music” that promisingly binds tradition in modernity.The production of the CD was supported by Goethe Institut Ghana and curated by Dr. Markus Coester, in collaboration with popular african music.